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EQResource Classic Screen Shot Contest! March 16 - March 31, 2012


For this contest we are asking the players to submit screen shots of old school EverQuest!  This can be really old screen shots you have dug up, or you may adventure to your favorite classic EverQuest spot and make a new one!

Please include your Character and Server name with your submission!

You may submit your entry by posting on this thread, or you may email them to us at .  This contest will be judged by the EQResource staff, and a few of our friends.  We will select the best 2 screen shots, and those players will each receive 1x Veil of Alaris expansion key.  The same player can not win both prizes in this contest.


(2) Veil of Alaris expansion keys


 - You must use old models!
 - Please only use zones from the Kunark expansion and older.
 - Equip old gear!  Epic 1.0, etc!
 - You must submit a small explanation (1-4 sentences) on why you picked the location you did.
 - You may submit up to 2 screen shots per player!

Please note that by submitting screen shots for this contest, you are giving us consent to use the screen shots across any site we post on.  This includes, but is not limited to,, Facebook, and Twitter.

Entry from:

Character: Lililuv
Server: Erollisi Marr

My first toon ever on an MMORPG, Lililuv Silvermist, with her epic 1.0, the dreaded Leafblower, shot in Greater Faydark, my home away from home during my early teenage years and my parents divorce. This is where it all began for me. I created her at the age of 11 and played for around 6 years before I moved on to EQ2. Though I love both, EQ1 will always be the most treasured game to me. I'm so glad EQ1 went free to play! Now I can [hopefully] afford both! Thank you for so many wonderful gaming memories that got me through a very rough childhood.

This is one of the first screenshots I ever took, back in late 1999.  It's the oldest one I still have, too, thanks to a hard drive failure.

At level 15, due to some friends' suggestions, I ran all the way from Qeynos to Freeport so I could go hunt in the Oasis of Marr.  I had just bought a Cold Iron Morningstar (uber!) so I took a screenshot to celebrate.

Server: Povar (though it was Rodcet Nife at the time!)
Character: Kanissa

Thanks for the submissions so far guys! Still plenty of time left to send in those screenshots!

Here's one of my very first.  Was after a very tense run from freeport to qeynos and finally getting a bind there from a friendly erudite (who didnt even charge me!) - This was March '99.

This one is just a fun one from a great under used dungeon, Kedge Keep.  Spent a decent amount of time there, and it was nice because nobody else was in there!  Forget when it was but Nagbot had his epic (and nobody else did) so musta been early kunark era.


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