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EQResource Article Contest! March 16 - March 31, 2012

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For this contest we are asking players to write some helpful articles for their fellow EverQuest players.  These articles will appear in our EQResource Articles section of the website.  You will receive full credit for the article, your character name and server will appear in the article.

Please include your Character and Server name with your article submission!

You may submit your entry to us either by posting it in this thread, or emailing it to us at .  Each entry will be granted 1-3 points by our judges, based on how in depth the article is, how easy it is to follow / understand, and how helpful it is.  Players may submit as many articles as they wish.  Don't worry about formatting or links, etc. We will put the information into our web page format for you!

When the contest ends, we will add up everyones points and have a drawing.  Each point will gain you 1 ticket in the drawing.  The drawing will be held on April 2nd, 2012.  The finalized points totals will be posted here prior to the drawing.


 - (1) Veil of Alaris expansion key
 - (1) 1000 Station Cash key code


 - You can't just copy and paste something you find on another site.  If you wish to use what they have written, you must rewrite it in your own words.
 - You may submit as many articles as you wish to this contest.
 - Article types may include many things, including walkthroughs for older but still useful quests, tips & tricks, helpful noob information, or even a thorough explanation on EverQuest features that may not be covered on

Please note:  By submitting an article in this contest, you are giving us permission to post the article on EQResource.  You will receive full credit for the article.

Here are some ideas for articles that you could write.  This is a small list, there are a ton of topics you could write articles on!

 - A server merger flow chart (show how the EverQuest servers have merged over the years, very in detail with dates)
 - List of all slash commands in game, with arguments and description
- List of all zones in game with short name.
 - List of good clicky camps (invis, levi, shrink items, etc)
 - How to set up fake links in hotkeys.
 - A list of all Alt Currencies with a description of how they are obtained and the types of things purchaseable with them.

We have two entries so far, both from Erollisi.Cisasten

EverQuest Zone List
How to bypass EverQuest Launchpad

Two more entries from Erollisi.Cisasten:

Faction Explained
Level Requirements for Level Locked Zones

Two entries from Erollisi.Blabberpuss:

How to make Macro Keys
How to make Fake Links


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