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EQResource Contest! - ENDED Feb 1st 2012

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Alright guys, here is your chance to win some prizes! For this contest we will be giving away:

(1) Game card code which can be used for 30 days of game time -or- 2000 Station Cash
(1) Code for 1000 Station Cash

The aim of this contest is to reward you guys for helping us fill in missing info on EQResource, as an effort to make the site better and more informative for everyone! In this contest, each participant will earn "tickets". There will be a post on this thread which lists the current standings for each person who has entered. You will earn tickets by submitting missing information on the site, and/or by submitting incorrect information / typos for us to correct. This contest will run through January 31st, 2012. The winners will be determined and announced on February 3rd, 2012.

To ensure that each person that enters has a chance to win, this will be a raffle type contest. At the end of the contest, each person will be assigned a number range based on the amount of tickets they have earned. Then, we will go into EQ and do a /random, based on the total amount of tickets earned. For example, lets say that Tom has earned 9 tickets, Billy has earned 5 tickets, and Sarah has earned 10 tickets. We would assign the number ranges like this: Tom= 1-9 Billy= 10-15 and Sarah= 16-25. We would then go in game, and do a /random 1 25. The resulting number would determine our first place winner. The first place winner will not be eligible to win 2nd place.

The /random will be done at an announced time and announced location (on the Rathe server) on Feb 3rd, 2012. Anyone and everyone will be invited to attend the drawing.

Ticket amounts awarded will be based on the type of information submitted. Here is an overview of ticket values:

(3) tickets for submitting missing loot table information for named NPC's.
(3) tickets for submitting missing PH information for named NPC's.
(2) tickets for submitting missing spells and abilities and/or tactics for named NPC's.
(2) tickets for submitting missing Named npc spawn locations (please include /loc coordinates).
(2) tickets for submitting incorrect information on any part of the site (must also include correct information).
(2) tickets for refining a quest step to be more helpful and/or informative.
(1) ticket for submitting missing named mob type (alaran, treant, snake, etc.)
(1) ticket for submitting typo's, broken links, or other small website errors.

There are 2 ways we will be accepting entries. The first is by email. You may email your entries to either: -or-

The second way to enter will be to post directly on this thread. Please remember which ever way you enter, to include your character name in the following format: Server.Name . For example, if I entered, it would be Rathe.Rorce . When the contest is over, we will be attempting to contact the winners in game, so it is very important you include server and character name.

If you have already submitted information to us prior to this contest (but after Beta), please contact us and we will award you tickets!

Edit: I have posted a list showing some information we are missing, to help you guys get a headstart on earning tickets!

Current ticket standings:

Bertox.Covou: 86

Bristle.Tobynn: 93

Drinal.Archus: 121

Erollisi.Yraen: 48

Luclin.Kilzadi: 15

Rathe.Drun: 3
Rathe.Juudge: 6
Rathe.Mercynomore: 2
Rathe.Rartugar: 2
Rathe.Tadenea: 3
Rathe.Tumelin: 9

Xegony.Clara: 2
Xegony.Ronak: 23
Xegony.Rune: 50

Missing spawn locations for:

Pillars of Alra -
Cysivir the Constructor

Missing drop info (what named drops these items?):

Ornamented Braxi Horn   
Band of Silent Study   
Collar of the Verdantward   
Covetous Shard of Crystallized Light   

Missing PH information:

Valley of Lunanyn:
Bloodborn Spirit   
Ker Reega   
Lor Reega
Taer Reega   
The Battlesteel Dead

Resplendent Temple:   
High Priest Nelori

Pillars of Alra:
Cysivir the Constructor   
Korellister the Stoic   
Soliadal the Timid   
Tonmek the Mind-Drainer

Also missing quest info on:
The Triune God, sepulcher 2nd mission

and Some Sepulcher missions may have the wrong total #'s on them and such (the ones for the alsa thel droplet stuff)


If you have submitted information but do not see your name listed in the 2nd post on this thread, please contact us and let us know your character and server name!


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