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EQResource 8th Anny Contest - My Spoiled Fippy!

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The Contest -

We've given away several Stuffed Fippys over the years, but we are down to our final one! The only question is...who would treat it the best?

In this contest you must convince us that you will take better care of this Stuffed Fippy than anyone else! We want to know all the things that you would do with a Stuffed Fippy, if you were to win our final one! Your entry should be fun, creative, and entertaining.

Simply reply to this thread with at least 2 fun things you would do with your Stuffed Fippy if you won! Remember, this contest is supposed to be fun and silly! At the end of the contest all entries will be numbered and a winner will be chosen at random.

The Rules -

 - Due to us having to pay for physical shipping of rewards, this contest is only open to folks in the U.S. Sorry!
 - Tell us the fun and silly things you would do with our final Stuffed Fippy if you won!
 - Your entry should be a reply to this contest thread.
 - Write as much or as little as you like, but you should at least tell us 2 things you would do.
 - Only one entry per person.
 - At the end of the contest all entries will be numbered and a winner will be chosen at random.
 - Look at the first reply to this thread for some examples / ideas!
 - The contest ends on September 4th at 11:59pm Pacific, and a winner will be announced by September 6th.

The Rewards -

(1) Stuffed Fippy!

Things I would do with a Stuffed Fippy if I had one:

1. Dress it up and take it to the mall. I want my Fippy to be social!
2. Show it off to my friends. They are gonna be so jealous!
3. Binge watch Stranger Things with him!

1: Glue it to the front of my hood and drive around town with him. Fippy Hood ornament!
2: Fippy with a Hippy, Take pictures of him with Hippies.

1) I'll put it on shelf with EQ poster (PoP version, maybe) that I plan to purchase soon
2) Pic it with my future kids!

I have a tendency to regard my beloved plushies as actual creatures! (I know this makes me a child)
That means lots of hanging out with Fippy, going on hikes and adventures, watching movies and blazing.... THE CITY OF QEYNOS!

That's right, if I were to win this adorable stuffed Fippy Darkpaw, I will take him, on my lap, as I slaughter every last resident of Qeynos!

It shall be his ultimate revenge, and I shall serve it with the might of my Elemental Fire!


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