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EQResource 8th Anny Contest - Pretty Parrots!

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The Contest -

While digging through boxes seeing if I had anything remaining I could give away as prizes for some contests, I found the final Naggy Hat and Stuffed Fippy. There's only one problem...

The plastic packaging that the Naggy Hat is sealed in has holes in it, thanks to one of my parrots chewing on it (CLICK HERE TO SEE)! The Naggy Hat itself has not been damaged, only the plastic packaging that the hat comes sealed inside of.

If this packaging damage doesn't bother you, continue reading to find out how you can win it! This contest will be a drawing, and will have 2 ways to enter (and you can enter both ways, or just 1). The first way is to reply to this thread with your guess of which of my three parrots is the one responsible for chewing on the packaging! Simply reply to this thread with the parrots name, which is located directly under him or her in their images below.

The second way to enter is to post a screen shot to this thread of your favorite bird or parrot from EverQuest! You can tell us about the screen shot, or you can just post it and not say anything - either way you will still receive an entry to the drawing!

The Rules -

 - Due to us having to pay for physical shipping of rewards, this contest is only open to folks in the U.S. Sorry!
 - Enter the drawing for up to 2 chances to win:
 - Correctly guess which parrot is responsible for chewing up the packaging (correct answer will be announced at the end of the contest).
 - Post a screen shot of your favorite bird or parrot from EverQuest
 - Entries must be submitted as replies to this thread. You can post both of your entries in the same post, or can make two different posts.
 - Everyone who guesses the correct parrot responsible will get 1 entry to the drawing.
 - Everyone who submits a screen shot of their favorite bird or parrot in EverQuest will get 1 entry to the drawing.
 - The contest ends on September 4th at 11:59pm Pacific, and a winner will be announced by September 6th.

The Rewards -

(1) EverQuest Next Nagafen Hat!

I think it was Yoshi. He may look quiet, but I think he has the soul of a murderer. Yoshi doesn't have the stature of his dinosaur forebears and resents it violently.

This is my favorite EQ birb.

Oh it was Linq.. looking so innocent

Melisandre gotta be the culprit!

The attached pic reminds me of The Spiroc Lord (war epic)... oh memories!

It was Yoshi in the closet with the hole puncher. Hes old and set in his ways of destruction, a true rebel.


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