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Day 7, Ring of Scale - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Hated the fact the final raid was possibly the easiest raid in the entire expansion. Anticlimactic.

Favorite part of RoS is howling stones.  One of my all time fav zones!

I really missed OT. Some of the best and worst memories were made in OT 1.0. It is a treat to return to OT to battle out against new foes.

Its all about the tradeskills!

For our guild we've been able to be raiding current content for most of the year. While it's only been two raids , the diamonds have helped our gearing path greatly. So that's been a very nice bonus. Sathirs tomb is a very fun zone also, I just wish it was triple the size. All in all I've enjoyed this expansion very much.


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