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Day 7, Ring of Scale - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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I think there were a lot of frustrations surrounding RoS that sort of piled on top of each other that led to a general not so positive opinion of RoS: the Fell Foliage debacle, VP faction changes, the EoK blocker prerequisite, the armor progression being an extension of EoK, some previously successful guilds struggling with the new raid content — especially Drusella's Vault, the annoying drakes in SF, the DoTs cast by T1 mobs, and probably many other things along with server and instance instability to go with it.

However, overall, I don't think it was that bad of an expansion. There were many positives. After the success of EoK, I think many were hoping for a continuation of Kunark. RoS delivered on that and brought back many of the stomping grounds frequented by players in the earlier days. Cacti and Scorpikises made a return. It brought tradeskills back into the mix with a nice tradeskill quest for Crestra's earring. There were unique quested items from VP with ideas similar to that of the EoK ancients. Howling Stones was without a doubt my favorite zone in the expansion. Sathir's Tomb was a nice extension, but unfortunately, it was extremely tiny.

My favorite part of the expansion was probably that bards received some new stuff: Bellow and Shout changes, group double invis AA, intimidation, and I love the two new Blood Orchid Katanas with the Petal Step clickies (<3 leap!), which bards, of course, can use on the run. The skull of null clicky is nice one too. In addition to that, the missions were fun, the ST raids are a blast, and I got to enjoy some duration of fun running around VP with max ally faction.

Being a rogue...dragging my dead friends lifeless bodies through howling stones to sariths tomb ZI.

I really like how they did the missions for ros. instead of doing ha separate. also random loot from named including augs was nice. as well as getting the vp keys so people with alts didn't have to do entire progression multiple times. until they ruined vp with the faction then it was useless. but cool for people who did prog early.

I enjoyed traversing through VP and killing some drakes and dragons.
Also managed to level my warrior up and learn a bit about a new class, as well as setting up my own personal taunt key...


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