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Day 7, Ring of Scale - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Welcome to Day 7 of the 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

Todays theme is the Ring of Scale expansion. Please post in this thread to participate in day 7 of the contest! We want to hear what your favorite part of the Ring of Scale expansion was!

Special final day bonus! For the final day of our contest, we are extending the duration to TWO days! In addition, you can gain TWO entries by submitting a fan art image with your post. Your fan art will not be judged, as long as it is related to the RoS expansion you will get TWO additional contest entries (for a total of three entries to the drawing)! You can use an image hosting service such as to upload your image, and use the img tags to display the image in your post!

--- Code: ---[img]https://myimageurl[/img]
--- End code ---

For full contest details, please visit the official contest thread here:

My favorite part of Ring of Scale was the return of CACTUSES! Seriously, I was so disappointed when there were none in Empires of Kunark.

I put my leet mspaint skills to work to capture a moment from my guilds cactus raid:

RoS was my return to EQ after an extended absence and my favorite part so far has been the chance to see some old favorite zones reimagined.

RoS! Short but sweet. The group content really went by far too fast, but the raid content is pretty solid. Tier 3 gets kind of tedious, but Tier 2 is mostly fun (and 2.1/2.3 are great for parsing!)

Also... for an RoS image... I was looking through my pictures folder and for some reason I have this:

This is definitely related, in some way, to the Ring of Scale expansion, but I could not tell you why or how.

Dunno much about it since I don't have it :) I hope to buy it when it comes on sale in Nov and am all ready to hit 106. It seems very raid related but I am sure there is plenty for this lone ranger to forage! Or new armor to make!

This is Aunt Fan (Fannie) and this is uncle Art = Fan Art. :-[


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