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Day 6, Empires of Kunark - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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I love the burynai npc in FM that  you could get a free badger illusion for a quest.  Frontier Mountains was also the home of the Ancients where the still useful Wurmslayer and  Book of Obulous start.


That lovely gobby equipped so many of my toons. Sooo many.

FM is Gribbles.
EoD the bane of Apps
Plz no more Prince Raid
- An EOK Haiku

I think the best thing about EoK were the dungeon zones. Chardok, Droga, and Labs were very challenging but also had very nice rewards. I literally LOL'd when I first clicked on the device in Chardok that caused the little hidden gnome camp to appear. It was a nice touch.

I liked the frontier mountains approach to chase items.  And there were some pretty solid zones and raids.  Chardok was excellent. 


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