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Day 6, Empires of Kunark - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Chase loot.. Sure has created a whole set of interesting side effects.

EoK had some bits that were overly tedious, but overall, I'd say it was refreshing when compared to the last couple expansions preceding it. It brought in some elements that were lacking in modern EQ. Kunark was also nice to see again.

I liked Lceanium — a city with active guards, spells, merchants, and tradeskill containers. It even had some activity with the merchants moving around. I just wish they put a banker there to make it whole. It sort of gave me the feeling of hanging out in Thurgadin or the Firiona Vie outpost of days past — not quite the same with modern teleportation available, but definitely similar.

The ancients were a great addition to Frontier Mountains. Little "secrets" thrown into the game like that are always nice to see. Although it was sometimes a pain waiting for him, I definitely appreciated the implementation of Jrah Shu`bit, the traveling merchant, as well. I like seeing activity from the NPCs of the world; it makes it more immersive in my opinion.

I enjoyed pulling bunches of goblins in Droga — only because, as a bard, I could use stun immunity or divine aura to block their spin stun. It added something extra for me to be aware of when pulling. It was somewhat similar with the chokidai... although, I'd probably say they were more on the annoying side.

Gates of Kor-Sha was beautiful, albeit small. Chardok was an excellent recreation; although, I am sad it was missing the underwater tunnel connection but very well done nonetheless.

I also thought the Queen raid was great. I know it held back a lot of guilds, but I thought it had a lot of fun elements to it.

My favorite thing about Empires of Kunark is how it took that classic EQ feel and brought it back. The ancients in frontier were a nice touch with some nice unique items.


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