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Day 6, Empires of Kunark - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Final raid in Lab was a lot of fun. More like that please. :)

Faction with a side of faction and some faction work.

Returning to old-school zones with current content is somehow comfortable to us long-time players. Knowing zone layouts like the back of your hand makes things easier from Day One of an expansion. (I know it saves them a ton of effort, too.) I really like being able to headshot with my ranger alt in FM without having to fight with other people over spawns because of the size of the zone. I prefer large zones over tiny pick-enabled ones because of the sense of community you get in OOC.

I liked the newbie-friendly design and feel of Lceanium. It reminded me of the old days when you could run to the guards in starting cities. Daybreak should consider making similarly designed zones in the future.

I did not play EverQuest during original Kunark so it was nice to relive the expansion in a new light. I liked the modern twist to many of the old zones.


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