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Day 5, The Broken Mirror - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Yes! Damsel of Decay was my favorite raid of all time as a cleric main. Holy smokes batman we had to use 3 different cure spells and only use them at the correct time while maintaining a level of mobility and awareness that was unprecedented. I still have an in-game e-mail I created that I send to newbies that explains the various effects and how to cure them and when NOT to cure them!

Otherwise this expansion was an attempt to "think outside the box" for EQ. You can still farm the Type 5 auggies for good plat too.

My favorite part of TBM was the rewards that we all had to work together to get; our dichos and especially the Eyes of Life and Decay aug!
Traveling via the mirror was also cool; it made me wish for mirror versions of other expansions, lol.

Favorite part -- that things changed up. Why have a nice smooth expansion, when this one was filled with pain. Using the mirror to flip around zones to bypass locked doors and such. Some early sets of group missions not being box friendly. Inability to get higher levels of "blockers" and the 1 spell/ability unless one raids. the reuse of older zones. While not a favorite expansion, this one was different.

I have a hard time liking TBM. Very few fun raids. A wandering plot that I still don't care to understand, even after many, many playthroughs. Weird gearing system that looked good on paper but failed in the execution. It was also very, very broken (...) on release, and stayed that way for far too long.

The one nice thing I will say about TBM is that group progression quests themselves are all mostly fun. You get to do different things and it never really feels stale. They're also all group tasks!

I liked that they took some chances with broken mirror gearing system and dicho spells.

My favorite part was the quest where you fought in both sides of life and decay.


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