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Day 5, The Broken Mirror - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Welcome to Day 5 of the 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

Todays theme is the The Broken Mirror expansion. Please post in this thread to participate in day 5 of the contest! We want to hear what your favorite part of the The Broken Mirror expansion was!

For full contest details, please visit the official contest thread here:

My favorite part of The Broken Mirror was the Sul Vius zones. I thought the light/decay and the need to transport back and forth between the two was very clever, and a great story!

I also really liked the raid drop augs. I did NOT like the need for multiples of them to get the special Face item!

I loved the raids in TBM, some of the best raids of my EQ life

I liked the mirror concept of 2 zones, the achievements from raid challenger were fun to do also. The Eyes Aug still is awesome.

I had started over on a different server right before this expansion came out. I joined a family style raiding guild and brought my character up as quick as I could. This was the first expansion I ever raided and will always remember it. What I liked most about the expansion was the introduction of the type 5 augs.


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