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Day 4, The Darkened Sea - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Ornaments and illusions were pretty cool. Very nice progression didn't hurt either lol.

I really really enjoyed the Caverns of Endless Song and all the underwater stuff. Now to be serious, loved Thulisaur Island and in general doing progression. Parrot aug was fun to do.

I love my boat house.

Oh, baby, The Darkened Sea!

This was it. This was the expansion I returned to after over ten years away from the game.

I could literally do TDS progression in my sleep. I cannot count the number of players I've pushed through TDS on Test.

It's a testament to the expansion that I still at least somewhat enjoy going through this one, even after hundreds of runs!

The story is passable, the quests have some variation to them, and the named NPCs seem to be tuned at about the right level. It feels short when you compare it to the previous two expansions, and it kind of is, but if anything it's short and sweet.

Arx Mentis and Combine Dredge might be two of my favorite zones in the game. I love the design for these and think they both look gorgeous.

The dinosaurs, wins this expansion hands down for me, always felt they were underused in this expansion though, they could have done so much more with them.


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