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Day 3, Call of the Forsaken - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Cotf was fun. I liked how the achievements began to have a lasting impact on your character, with the introduction of hero aas


I liked the different challenges in this zone from the mixed type mobs in the tunnels to the named with massive ds, adds etc.

Really made you work to complete it.

My Favorite Part of CoTF was the revisit on the older zones,it showed as we were levling an getting more powerful that the other residents of norrath weren't just staying the same

Dead Hills Partian quest line, loved the video clip at the end. :)

LOL got my expansions mixed up yesterday.

It was the CotF expansion through which I first began collecting ground spawns as represented by round golden balls of light.
Got too close to one of the all seeing eyes in Tainted WK and got spanked!


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