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EQResource 7th Anniversary Contests - OFFICIAL RULES


The Contest -

It's our 7th Anniversary! To celebrate this special occasion, we are bringing you 7 days of contests! Each day we will be giving away (1) 500 DayBreak Cash Key, and (1) 90 day All Access key! That's 14 total prizes to be won!

These contests will be very simple. We will post a new thread each day for that days contest. In the thread, each user will have the opportunity to participate by posting a reply to the thread. For each of the EverQuest expansions that we've played with you all on Beta and created guides for, we want you to tell us what your favorite part of that expansion was! We will highlight 1 expansion per day. You can tell us about your favorite NPC, zone, item, raid, quest, mission, spell, or just your favorite memory specific to that particular expansion! You can be as generic or as detailed as you wish - as long as you participate, your entry will be counted!

Each day when we post the new contest thread, the previous days thread will be locked, and we will draw at random for our 2 winners. Those winners will be contacted via the EQResource forums Private Messaging system, and will have 5 days to respond to claim their prize.

The Rules -

 - This contest runs from August 13 - August 20, 2018.
 - Each day a new thread will be posted for that days highlighted expansion. Check the post below for the newest contest thread.
 - Players are only allowed to win 1 of each prize - 1 DBC code, and 1 All Access code.
 - Each user may participate once in each expansion.
 - Due to no shipping fees, this contest is open to everyone from any part of the world!

The Rewards -

(7) 500 DayBreak Cash Keys
(7) 90 Day All Access Keys

The Threads -

Day 1 - Veil of Alaris:
 - DBC Winner: Nolrog
 - All Access Winner: Soju

Day 2 - Rain of Fear:
 - DBC Winner: jebidai
 - All Access Winner: Dhdcf

Day 3 - Call of the Forsaken:
 - DBC Winner: Termination
 - All Access Winner: Bobsmith

Day 4 - The Darkened Sea:
 - DBC Winner: Sheex
 - All Access Winner: ghanda

Day 5 - The Broken Mirror:
 - DBC Winner: kirkisx
 - All Access Winner: Brendanteske

Day 6 - Empires of Kunark:
 - DBC Winner: Mineek
 - All Access Winner: Yinla

Day 7 - Ring of Scale:
 - DBC Winner: Zarathustra
 - All Access Winner: Provolone


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