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Hey guys, for this mini contest we are going to be having a Housing Contest. It is going to be a RAPID build contest with little time. Because of the short time we don't expect it to be perfect - just complete it as much as you can!

For this mini contest it will be done on the TEST server, so be sure to /testcopy with your housing stuff and set up there, any entries NOT on the TEST server wont be looked at.

Theme - Your Favorite Raid in EQ.

Time - Will be judged during the RoS downtime of Live servers - finish by 5:00 AM CST or so Tuesday Morning (12/12).

Prizes - The best one (Judged by Me and maybe Rorce) will receive a Guaranteed Prize win in the Holiday Slots, runners up will also receive a code roll. If we can guess the raid you were going for we will increase your odds compared to the rest of the runner ups!

Please post in here the plot on TEST that you built and want judged!

Please DON'T post what raid you were going for until after the winners and that are announced (if you wish to tell), if you post the raid you were going for in the thread, we can't guess and give you an increased chance to win!

Some tips:
You can get dolls and such from vendors in housing place to mimic NPC's, Trash, Bosses, etc.
You can also use an NPC changer click item to make some specific NPC's into a "raid" of friendlies if you so choose - the dolls can also mimic these in some cases.
It would be a PLUS if you built the zone look into the plot using whatever you have!
We wont be ultra strict about the models being exact, for example if you want to use the Idol of Talendor for any dragon in the game that is OK and wont be a "fail".

To give an example idea on what we are looking for here

Take any dragon statue, put it on snow or snow like hills, then add some dolls / gnome npcs, and there you have the old Gorenaire raid!

If you use this example it wont be eligible for a guaranteed win though! Sorry if Gorenaire is your favorite raid!

We wont be strict and "fail" you for using a Talendor statue in place of Gorenaire :)

Any quick way to get all my stuff from my Guild Hall on Test?


--- Quote from: Bartleby on December 10, 2017, 08:19:07 PM ---Any quick way to get all my stuff from my Guild Hall on Test?

--- End quote ---

I don't think so without taking it out and being on your toon when you use /testcopy

On test are items for the guild halls Avail freely? I'll have a ton of PP but I don't think the majority of stuff I would need is on the vendors or is it?


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