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EQResource Holidy Slots Mini Contest - Funny Story!


Alright guys, here's our first mini contest for the 2017 Holiday Slots! I'm not going to announce this one on any Social Media - your visit to our forums today has paid off!

For this contest, I want to hear one of your funny stories from your adventures in Norrath. It doesn't matter how long or how short your story is, just tell us! Everyone who participates will receive a code only usable by them for a spin on the Holiday Slots! These are special codes with greatly increased odds of winning!

Just reply to this thread with your story. On Saturday evening I'll create a reply here with a code for everyone who has told a story!

On Ragefire one night, three guilds all fought Innoruuk at the same time during a DPS race in Plane of Hate. Long story short, he died in 57 seconds. Even though we lost the fight, it was quite a sight to behold.

This contest is over!

It saddens me we only had one participant :(

Thank you, Kaertos, for participating! For your participation I have created a special code just for you, that has a 100% win chance! Enjoy your prize!

Code: KaertosStory


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