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My bags are stuffed with crap!


My bags both in the bank and on my person is stuffed with “stuff”
I don’t recall why I have 99% of it.

I’m sorely tempted to just dump it all because it’s really drives me over the bend.

Is there less painful way of seeing what I should keep and what I should destroy rather than one item at a time?
That would take some time.

If it is a lot of vendor probably stuff you could always sell all bag contents to a vendor by clicking on the bag

Otherwise have to look up 1 by 1 basically yea

I like to take and create an output file and mail it to my work and research the items in the bags I keep empty.

This is working as intended

The tradeskill thing for your bank helps a lot.  Well, it doesn't FIX the problem but it kicks the can down the road a ways.  :)


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