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Possible to add emailing on status change?


If we were able to add emailing capabilities to the program, it would allow the program to text us on a triggered event. More likely to get my attention than just popping up the alert box.

Is the source on Github? If so, I could do a pull request to add this feature.

This is actually something I considered in the past. I even went as far as temporarily subscribing to an SMS service so that text messages could be sent directly (bypassing the email workaround). I got the system half way implemented, and ended up scrapping it entirely. My final thoughts were that I didn't want to create something that could be used to grief others. I know most people would use it properly, but you know there are those out there that would use someone else's phone numbers or email addresses and use it to spam them. That kind of opens me up to potential legal action, and it's just not worth it :\.

I could create a verification system potentially, but that's a bit of work. I could also lock it behind an EQR login, which would ensure an email address was verified, but then it would be tied to the email address the EQR account is registered under (which chances are extremely high is not your text messages email address).

I'll ponder some more on the verification system. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure many people would use it.

Edit: If you use Discord on your mobile device, you can use the Server Status Changes feature of our Discord server, which will ping you when servers you've chosen go up/down. This doesn't alert for regular status changes, however (such as Low to Medium, or High to Medium). You can find more information on this feature here:

I had considered if I was going to implement it, that the user would have to enter the sending server/credentials on a settings page to turn it on, so therefore it would be sending as their own user to avoid spam issues. That seems to be the accepted method for most email from programs.

Thanks for the reply, I did join the discord server, so we will see how that works. Looks good so far.


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