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Greym Greymantle:
Was wondering if it would be possible to flag one or more char on an account to display the shared bank contents. And turn off the alts. Would cut down on the duplicate displays when searching.

That's the purpose of the Accounts flag. If all of the characters on an account are tied to the same account, the shared bank items should not duplicate. If they are duplicating under these conditions, then that's a bug.

Greym Greymantle:
Well all the alts i have loaded are tied to an account. I will double check this when i get home and let you know. I am using this to track 4 accounts each with ten char. So the list gets a bit long :) .

Greym Greymantle:
Sorry to say seems to be bugged.

Greym Greymantle:
Just had another idea. Would it be possible to change the program to allow a default main character? So when i go looking at what's in my house inventory i don't have to select it and wait for it to load every time?


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