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Caster PVP
« on: January 22, 2015, 12:06:54 PM »
So I play a 90+ Wizard on Zek, and I don't fear PvP. I know there are fights I simply can't win, but then there is the fights where i drop someone down to half health and then just heal it back up even as a ranger. Meanwhile, while I use my staff of the four clicky, and aa's to improve my chance, it doesn't feel like it is enough. Lure spells don't seem to help much either.

I have been stacking as much spell damage as I can just hoping that maybe I will get that high enough that my random chance of obliteration that I can finish them off with something like mana blaze.

I'd be curious if anyone else  has this issue, or can tell me that I am doing a specific thing wrong. I don't actively seek PvP, but I feel sometimes that the best I can do is port in, pop their merc and then leave to just be annoying ( and I would rather pop a merc and then them ).