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August 30, 2011 - News Updates

Patch on August 31, 2011 - All EverQuest Live Servers will be coming down on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 6:00 am US Pacific (US Pacifc-PST is -8 GMT: 7:00 am MST, 8:00 am CST, 9:00 am EST, 2:00 pm GMT, 15:00 CET) for a emergency maintenance. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately 2 hours.

VoA Pre-Launch Extension - Looks like SOE will be extending the VoA Pre-Launch missions due to the bug I posted. These missions will now be available until September 6th!

Double EXP Weekend - SOE has announced that they will be running another Double EXP Weekend for this labor day weekend! Be sure to take advantage of it! The bonus will run from Friday, September 2nd through Monday, September 5th. As usual, Sony did not say what specific time this starts and stops :-\

Double Station Cash - They also announced they will be running a Double Station Cash promotion from Sept 2-5! This bonus applies to Game Cards, Credit Card purchases, and PayPal purchases. Does not apply to sms purchases.

Alot going on this weekend in EverQuest, I hope most of you get to take the time to enjoy it! Check back here soon for information about a contest we plan on running, with EverQest Game Cards as rewards!

August 28, 2011 - Bug!

Wanted to warn everyone about an EverQuest bug with the current Pre Launch missions! This only applies to those who plan on doing Baga's Stand more than once.

If you place your "An Ancient Text" in your 16 slot Dreamweave Satchel, then run the mission again and claim the reward, your Dreamweave Satchel will vanish upon your next log in! Please keep this in mind if you plan on helping friends with this mission!

August 24, 2011 - Update

Fixed a formatting / text color issue across multiple pages that was only affected by Internet Explorer users (Thanks Temadin for pointing it out!).

If you haven't noticed yet, our House of Thule guide is complete and ready to help you progress! We also have a very nice Veil of Alaris preview available, with a bunch of information and screen shots of the upcoming expansion pack! Also, be sure to check out the Special Quests Page for complete walkthroughs for the new pre-launch missions, which give the reward An Ancient Text. These missions are supposed to end on August 31st, and when VoA launches the Ancient Text is supposed to do something cool, so be sure not to miss out!

August 20, 2011 - Site Launches

Welcome to EQ Resource! Enjoy your stay. Questions? Comments? Check out our Forums or Contact us.

Please contact us with any problems you find, and please be patient with us as we work out all the kinks. We are aiming to make this THE resource for your EverQuest needs! Please feel free to contact us with problems / suggestions, and please register for the forums and post about anything you wish to! Happy Hunting!