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Holiday Slots Trivia
« on: December 15, 2016, 05:30:25 PM »
The answer to each of these trivia questions is a code for a spin on the Holiday Slots:

1. What great necromancer presides over Kor-Sha Laboratory?

2. Who is Atrebe's father?

3. What great weapon was in Rile Sathir's possession?

4. Who first forged the Greenmist?

5. To enter Charasis, you need a fang from this vampiric sarnak: _____

6. The name of the evil outpost in Overthere, and the name of the iksar shaman sent to kidnap Firiona Vie is _____

7. This tower was named after one of Rile's generals, and used to torture prisoners: ____

8. Adventurers can take the _____ barge to Timorous Deep.

9. The sokokar are half dragon and half: _____

10. These chosen guardians roam outside Charasis: _____

11. What is the original name of the City of Mist?

12. Who created both Veeshan's Peak and the giant pit in the Overthere?
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