July 25, 2014 - SoE Block Party Stream! - CotF Finale + Color Blind Mode! - Argin-Hiz Guides! - Argin-Hiz Pre-Launch - Hardcore Heritage dates - Attune yourself to CotF Zones! - Community Spotlight! - EQ Resource in-game channel

July 25, 2014 - SOE Block Party Stream


Starts ~ 1:14:15, ends ~ 1:29:30

- PoP Time Locked Server is being talked about due to the success of Fippy and Vulak Servers
- Next Expac hint for SoE Live - "Looting". Based on Elidroths old post saying stay tuned for it (https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/the-one-feature-id-love-to-see.202901/#post-2987364) this is probably a Mass Looting feature where all loot of mobs corpses is pooled into 1 loot window. Watch SOE Live in like 3 weeks for more.
- Mentions more mercenary classes aren't being made due to player complaints against mercenaries instead of real players
- The Devs are preparing stuff for SoE Live in 3 weeks

- Makes a joke about the progression blocking from Argin-Hiz launch
- Segment on EQ's tutorial and people should play
- Some Year of EverQuest talk

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July 22, 2014 - CotF Finale + Color Blind Site Feature

The finale for CotF should go live at Midnight PST 7/23 (1 am Mountain, 2 am Central, 3 am Eastern), it involves 2 missions and 1 raid.

A Guide Beyond the Rift
The Journey Home

We have also added a color blind mode to Argin-Hiz and these guides.

We understand for some people the multi colored dots can be hard to see / differentiate, so we have created this feature (due to this + some requests for it), if you prefer it this way instead of multicolored dots, feel free to use it instead as well.

To Enable it, simply click the Enable link, you can also disable it by clicking the Disable link (shows in same spot when its enabled and will be in same spot on every page that has it possible), this will save a Cookie to save your setting across our site to be enabled on all other pages that have this (currently only Argin-Hiz guides + Finale 2 missions)

The current style of Quests with Color Blind off:

How the same map will look when Color Blind is on, the guide will reflect the new boxes:

Click images to Enlarge

Some people have requested this so if you prefer these styles please use them and let us know! The more people that use them and that, the higher priority they will be on new releases :) (and updating old pages for this mode)

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July 16, 2014 - Argin-Hiz is here!

Argin-Hiz is here!

We've posted our Argin-Hiz guides!  Use this post to hit the ground running, and get the most out of the launch day fun!

First, you're gonna want to grab the newest Map Pack.  It contains the map for the new Argin-Hiz zone, as well as updated Takish-Hiz and South Ro maps with the zone in location for Argin-Hiz.

Spell Changes & Additions
While you are waiting for the servers to come up, be sure to check out todays Spells & Skills changes and additions in our Spell Parser section.  Todays Changelogs can be Found Here!

All of the new Argin-Hiz Augmentations have been updated in our Augs section.  Be sure to Search The Newest Augs, and add the ones you want to grab to your Augs Wish List!

Charred Heart
Faceted Gem of the Sun
Flamelicked Geode
Flickering Jewel
Harell's Dark Flame
Sage's Light
Shard of Frozen Time
Vicar's Flame

Heroic Adventure, Quests, and Missions
The bread and butter of any content release - Quests and Missions.  We've got our full guides up for all of this content!

Heroic Adventure:
A Posthumous Proposition

A Dimming Light
Burning Curiosity
The Reclusive Collector
The Keeper's Ring
Us And Them
Smoke and Ash

Rings of Fire
Burn Out

Premium Membership
If you enjoy the content you find on EQResource, and would like to support the site and help keep it online, please consider purchasing a Premium Membership.  With a Premium Membership you will receive many benefits, including Ad-Free browsing across the entire site, and being able to see new content as we build it - often times long before regular users get to see!

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July 15, 2014 - EverQuest login issues

As many of you are aware, several users are currently experiencing issues logging into EverQuest.  Long story short, Sony Online Entertainment forgot to pay the bill for a few of their domain names, and the domain names were unregistered last night.  They have since bought the domain names back, but it takes some time for DNS to update around the internets.

Here's a quote from Dexella on the EverQuest forums:

Quote from: Dexella
The login issues reported this morning have begun to be resolved. However, some players may be unable to connect to SOE services intermittently for up to 48 hours, including websites, forums, and games. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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July 14, 2014 - Patch 7/16!

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 4:00 AM Pacific* in preparation for the Argin-Hiz patch. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately four hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest website and the forums for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

*Convert to your local time

Update- Notes:
July 16, 2014
*** Call of the Forsaken: Argin-Hiz ***
- Call of the Forsaken: Argin-Hiz has been released! The hot ash winds blowing from portals in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana and the Southern Desert of Ro have dissipated, opening the way to the city of Argin-Hiz. The final relic needed to send Lady Lendiniara home lies within the city walls!
- Finish the final chapter of Call of the Forsaken in the all-new zone, Argin-Hiz!

*** Highlights ***
- The time draws near to send Lady Lendiniara back to her world. Retrieve the final relic from Argin-Hiz, stay alert, and heed the call!
- "Death, Death, Death!", previously only available as an SOE Live event, is coming to Live servers for a limited time! See the "Quests & Events" section for more details.
- A number of improvements have been made to mounts. See the "NPC" section for more details.
- Made several changes to the quests and NPCs in the Argin-Hiz launch event. See the "Quests & Events" section for more details.

*** Marketplace ***
- New Worg mounts will be arriving soon on the Marketplace.

*** Quests & Events ***
- The time draws near to send Lady Lendiniara back to her world. Retrieve the final relic from Argin-Hiz, stay alert, and heed the call!
- "Death, Death, Death!", previously only available as an SOE Live event, is coming to Live servers for a limited time! Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin, will need your help to defeat the enemies of his people. Starting July 30th, seek out Tudasali in the Great Divide to offer your assistance. This is a "monster mission" that pits adventurers in classic gear against many old world raid targets under a tight time limit!
- Made several changes to the quests and NPCs in the Argin-Hiz launch event:
-- Most quest mobs have had their aggro and assist distances lowered. Ash giants and corpseseeker ashes now have greatly reduced assist distances.
-- The drop rates of all quest items have been increased to 100 percent.
-- The corpse-seeking ashes, ash giants, the Ash Hurricane, and most quest NPCs have had reductions to their HP and/or AC.
-- Lowered some attack stats for all launch event NPCs.
-- Forlorn ash NPCs can now be hailed for the task "Sympathy for the Forlorn" after 90 seconds have passed.
-- All of the tasks now award coins and XP.
-- Forlorn ashes, flameseeker ashes, flame elementals, ash giants, and cinder mates can now be snared.
-- Increased the XP gained from forlorn ashes, flameseeker ashes, flame elementals, ash giants, and the Ash Hurricane.
- The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - The currency reward for this raid has been upgraded to Fists of Bayle, and the amount given has increased to 20.

*** Spells ***
- Bard - Corrected an error that prevented Largo's Assonant Binding from being cast while in combat.
- Bard - Ryken's Reckless Renewal and Ruaabri's Reckless Renewal will no longer take full modification from instrument effects.
- Beastlord - Ensnaring Bite has been renamed to Fatiguing Bite, which will allow your pet's procs to restore some endurance to your group.
- Increased the number of saved spell sets to 30.

*** NPC ***
- A number of improvements have been made to mounts:
-- Mounts that previously offered stat bonuses as part of the mount spell will now cast a separate buff spell so that you can ride whichever mount you like best without having to worry about buff stacking conflicts.
-- When right clicking the bridle of the mount you are currently riding, you will now be automatically dismounted. This functionality does not apply to the Bridle of the Flying Imperial Sokokar.
-- When right clicking the bridle of a different mount than the one you are currently riding, you will be automatically dismounted, and the new mount will be summoned.
-- Paladins and Shadowknights: When right clicking a non-expendable bridle, your mount will be summoned instantly, matching the functionality of the mounts summoned by your AA abilities.
- Being much higher or lower than the chessboard for the Grandmaster fight in Plane of War is no longer a viable strategy to avoid the chess pieces or out-of-bounds penalties.

*** AA ***
- Shadowknight - Visage of Decay was not applying the melee skill damage reduction as originally intended. This has been fixed.

*** Tradeskills ***
- Soloist Planar Seals now have better instrument modifiers than Soloist Ascension Seals.

*** Achievements ***
- Hero of the Tower of Rot - Completing the task "A Rotten Heart" will now update that step of the this achievement.
- Slayer achievements will now properly update for group and raid members if the final blow to an NPC is done by a member that doesn't have the Rain of Fear expansion.

*** Progression Servers ***
- Corrected a problem that prevented Thach Jerden from spawning on Progression Servers at the appropriate time.

*** Miscellaneous ***
- Corrected the messaging when starting trader mode in the Bazaar.
- Corrected an issue that would cause some zones to stop responding and disconnect all of the players in the zone.
- Heroic Characters can now be copied to test using /testcopy.
- Increased the maximum FPS cap.

*** UI ***
- Enabled number pad key input on edit controls. This includes the chat window.
- Autorun has no default key binding now.
- Moved the icon definitions from the EQUI_Animations.xml file to their own file: EQUI_DragItems.xml. This will reduce the need for custom UI modders to update their UIs when new icon sheets are added.

- Added -

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***
- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Lowered the damage done by the Zek Brothers slightly, and lowered AE rampage damage.
- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Lowered the HP and damage values of the adds in this event.
- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Increased bonus spell damage to adds and increased how quickly it scales up, but the bonus will only apply to the first hit every second.
- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Rallosian Priests now have a bigger bonus to melee damage, but will lose health over time while charmed.
- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Adds that are weak to fire now take more damage from hand-to-hand attacks. Adds that are weak to cold now take more damage from piercing attacks. Adds that are weak to stuns now take more damage from blunt attacks. Adds that are weak to snares now take more damage from slashing attacks.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - The table and chairs in the center of Lord Kyle Bayle's room will turn to ash when the fight begins.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle will no longer regenerate hit points while invulnerable.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle's royal guards will now respawn every 45 seconds instead of 30.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle's fallen guards will now spawn every 75 seconds instead of 45.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Only one fallen advisor can now be active at once.
- Lord Kyle Bayle - Mission - The table and chairs in the center of Lord Kyle Bayle's room will turn to ash when the fight begins.
- A Rotten Heart - Fixed a bug that could cause Adana Baxter to reset her health to full.
- An Epic Request - Corrected a problem that could prevent the completion of the Northern Desert of Ro step of the shadowknight instance.

- The EverQuest Team

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July 5, 2014 - Argin-Hiz Section Open for EQResource Premium Members

As most of you know, Beta recently opened to begin testing the upcoming Argin-Hiz content release.  We've begun making our guides, and have opened them up to EQResource Premium Members!

If you want to get a sneak peak, you will find the Argin-Hiz links in the menu of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, or can Click Here!

In additon to having access to our guides as we build them, Premium Members have access to our Beta Spells & Skills database.  You can see this weeks Beta Spells changes by visiting the Spells & Skills section, or by clicking the links below.  Pro-tip: There are already AA's for the next expansion popping up in our Beta database!

These links will only work for Premium Members:
Argin-Hiz Zone Overview
Argin-Hiz Quests
Argin-Hiz Nameds
July 2 Beta Spells Changelogs
July 3 Beta Spells Changelogs
July 4 Beta Spells Changelogs

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July 2, 2014 - Argin-Hiz Pre-Launch soon!

Argin-Hiz Pre-Launch has an award of the suffix: ', Flame Warder'

Argin-Hiz phase 1 Pre-Launch starts on July 4th and runs until September 6th.
Phase 1 involves 6 Quests:
Source of the Ash Wind, Sympathy for the Forlorn, No Sympathy for the Forlorn, Sifting Through the Ashes, Fire Prevention, Dousing the Flames

Argin-Hiz phase 2 Pre-Launch starts on July 7th and runs until September 6th.
Phase 1 involves 3 Quests:
Topple the Ash Giants, Embers of the Giants, Still the Ash Hurricane

Argin-Hiz Launches on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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July 2, 2014 - Sense Heading

Hello all,

Can you believe it's July already? The team has been busy at work getting Call of the Forsaken wrapped up with the Argin-Hiz release, and getting geared up for SOE Live. As always, I hope you'll join us at SOE Live during August 14-17 in Las Vegas to hear these announcements in person (and I'm sure you have already speculated that we'll be talking about an expansion during this event)!

Just to keep everyone in the loop, here's a bunch of info about what's going on this month of July:

Argin-Hiz: This is the final Call of the Forsaken zone, and the team did a GREAT job putting this together. I mean, just take a look at it:

We plan to have the beta for this zone open today, and we're looking at July 16 as the date that players will be able to explore this zone for the first time on all Live Servers. This zone has one raid, and the quality of raid drops here will be on par with the raid drops from Tower of Rot.

Argin-Hiz Launch Event: Starting Friday, we will be kicking off some launch content for the Argin-Hiz to prepare you for the zone coming out in two week. There will be additional content the following Monday.

Hardcore Heritage Events: Two additional Hardcore Heritage zones will be opening up next week. Check out the article here to see which ones will go live.

Plane of War Raid: We're pretty happy with the difficultly of this raid. Guilds are starting to beat this, but we understand it's still something more difficult than any of the current Call of the Forsaken content. We're looking at changing a few of the adds in this raid to give a few more guilds a chance to beat this encounter. We're also planning on upgrading the currency reward from the Plane of War raid to Fists of Bayle, and have more of this currency go to players that beat this raid.

The Journey Home: There will be one more raid (in addition to the Argin-Hiz raid) that wraps up the Call of the Forsaken storyline. We plan to have this out to you before the end of the month.

Death-Death-Death Event: The SOE Live event will be released to the Live servers at the end of the month so you can attempt to hone your skills to compete for cash in Las Vegas next month.

Hopefully this gives everyone a better picture of where we're going with the last big updates for Call of the Forsaken. What have been your favorite parts of this expansion, and what are you looking to as we move forward from here?

Thom "Phathom" Terrazas
Senior Producer, EverQuest

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June 30, 2014 - Double EXP weekend coming!

Which character will you level this weekend? Whether you're leveling a new character or working towards unlocking new Alternative Advancement Abilities (AAs) on a max level toon, don't miss out on a great opportunity this weekend for gaining double experience!

Double XP starts at 12:01AM PDT on Friday, July 4th, 2014 and will run until Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT*.

Also, don't miss the last weekend to take advantage of these other great promotions available only for a limited time:

Call of the Forsaken Expansion

Are you still missing the Call of the Forsaken on your account? This expansion is currently on sale for 15% off! Don't wait too long; this promotion only runs until Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT*.

Did Somebody Say Rucksack?

Do you need more bag space? If so, remember that this is the last weekend to pick up the biggest bags available from the EverQuest Marketplace! In additional to the traditional 36-slot Wayfarer's Pocketed Rucksack, look for this HUGE bag now in red, white, blue, and pink!

If you're looking to upgrade the size of multiple bags during this promotion, look for bundles that let you purchase multiple bags together at a discount. Don't miss out on the exceptional value of getting bags in bundles if you're looking to upgrade your storage space.

All of these promotions run until Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT*.

*convert to your local time

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June 25, 2014 - Hardcore Heritage

Come play classic zones with high level challenges and rewards!

Hardcore Heritage events are back! Hardcore Heritage is the time of year where you can revisit popular zones from classic EverQuest, and overcome challenges found there that are relevant to high level characters in order to earn powerful loot!
Each of these events will be available for two weeks after they go live.

June 25 - Blackburrow and Cazic-Thule

Gnolls and lizards have leveled up to challenge you! The versions of these zones tuned for level 80 and higher characters have returned.

The Hardcore Heritage version of these zones will be available until Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

July 9 - Lower Guk and Unrest

Undead frogloks and other evil dead are back! The Hardcore Heritage versions of these zones are ready to accept adventurers that are level 85 and higher.

The Hardcore Heritage version of these zones will be available until Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

August 6 - Crushbone and Permafrost

Death! Death to all who oppose the Crushbone orcs! Both Clan Crushbone and Permafrost Caverns have been tuned for level 90 and higher characters.

The Hardcore Heritage version of these zones will be available until Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

August 13 - Nagafen's Lair and Castle Mistmoore

The minions of Nagafen and Mistmoore have been expecting your return. The NPCs and bosses in the Hardcore Heritage version of these zones are designed for players that are level 100.

The Hardcore Heritage version of these zones will be available until Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

Don't miss your chance to experience these Hardcore Heritage zones again for a limited time during 2014! Please note that the dates for this content updates are subject to change.

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