January 30, 2015 - January Sense Heading - GamParse Released - EQ Resource in-game channel

January 30, 2015 - New Sense Heading


Greetings Norrathians!

We hope that 2015 finds you well and that your New Years resolutions are still intact. This year, we resolve to post to Sense Heading once a month and we're going to start by barely squeaking in our January post before the buzzer.

The team is hard at work on various projects that will land later this year. It's good to get back into the swing of things after a relaxing winter holiday break. But it's not fair to keep the fun all to ourselves, so allow us to tantalize you with a glimpse into the future. Here's what to look forward to in EverQuest in 2015!

Erollisi Day

Love is in the air! This year's Erollisi Day celebration is nearly upon us. Erollisi-themed items will begin dropping in the world and the quests given by the Emissary of Erollisi and Grimble Grumblemaker in the Plane of Knowledge will become available. The festivities will begin on Wednesday, February 4th and run for two weeks. In addition, keep an eye out for new Player Studio offerings in the Marketplace, created and submitted by creative artists from our community.

Improved Looting System

We've had the chance to test the improved looting system internally on our Beta server and we have been blown away with how convenient it makes collecting items, and how easy it is to use. It's a snap to get the drops you want while declining the drops you don't need, without having to search through piles of overlapping corpses, or corpses hidden inside a wall. (Hey, it happens sometimes!) The system also elegantly handles group and raid situations with automated rolling or master looter. This is a revolutionary way to manage your item drops and we can't wait to share the system with you. In the near future, this will go out to the Test server. When the time comes, we hope that you pop over to Test to try it out and give us your feedback.

16th Anniversary

EverQuest's 16th anniversary celebration will be here before you know it. In addition to the events that were available in each previous anniversary celebration, we're happy to announce that we'll be introducing several new Player-Designed Missions that were planned out by attendees at SOE Live 2013 and 2014. It's a real treat for the team to get to implement new missions that the community has come up with. We feel comfortable at this point committing to at least as many, if not more, than last year. We don't want to spoil too much right away, but two of the missions we'll be unveiling are named "Pub Crawl" and "Liquid Courage." (What can we say? Adult beverages were a popular theme that year in Vegas.) So do you remember working on these, or know who did?

Regular Content Updates

The team will continue to offer up new content and event content periodically over the course of the year, but we will be doing so on an average of every two weeks instead of every week. The once-a-week schedule was doable, but it required us to make some odd choices in splitting content in half or 60/40 when we could have just offered related things in one update. We feel this change makes it easier for players to know what's coming up and when, while making this content no less compelling.

Thanks for reading! We're excited for 2015 and we hope you are too!

-The EverQuest team

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January 23, 2015 - Patch 1/23

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday, January 23, 2015 at 6:30AM Pacific* for a hotfix. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately two hours.

Convert to your time zone by setting it on our Calendar

Update Notes:
January 23, 2015
- Fixed an issue where Emblems inserted in August cultural armor were being deleted rather than removed to your cursor.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Froglok August Bounder cultural armor from accepting seals.
- Fixed an issue that prevented cultural charms from working with Froglok cultural armor.
- Fixed the Cleave IX - 42 effect on Cultural Raid Elder Chest Seals.
- All Cultural Raid Elder Seals "of the Oracle" should now decay at level 105, instead of just some of them.
- Fixed an issue where the netstat window was not being correctly toggled via its mapped hotkey (Default: F11).

- The EverQuest Team

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January 17, 2015 - Patch on Wednesday 1/21

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 5:00AM Pacific* in preparation for the January game update. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately three hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

See it in your timezone on our EQ Events Calendar

Spell Changes: http://spells.eqresource.com/history.php?mdy=01212015
DBStr Changes: http://spells.eqresource.com/dbstrhistory.php?mdy=01212015

Update Notes:
January 21, 2015
*** Highlights ***
- If you give an item to your pet that it can't equip, the item will now be returned to you.
- Further lowered resist modifiers for all melee abilities from The Darkened Sea. They should land more reliably now.
- Increased the HP on mercenaries of level 101 and above by 10 percent.
- Arx Mentis Hero's Forge Ornaments now drop from raid chests in Arx mentis. Prices on most pieces from Researcher Orbiana have been reduced.
- Focus effects on early The Darkened Sea group items now cap at 103 instead of 100.
- Made an adjustment to the way that NPC character models created prior to the Omens of War expansion are loaded and displayed. This change coincides with a number of graphical updates and fixes to these models.
- The bag opening sound effects have had their volume reduced significantly.
- Sound effects for treading water, entering water, leaving water, and being underwater have been improved.

*** Items ***
- The Empowered Dragonscale Skystrider Saddle now correctly grants an additional mount slot.
- Focus effects on early The Darkened Sea group items now cap at 103 instead of 100.
- Bags of Silver and Gold Tokens are now available from Alerynril in Plane of Knowledge. On progression servers, Rain of Fear must be open to purchase these bags.
- Corrected several issues with The Darkened Sea cultural armor stats.
- August Bounder armor now has a required level of 101 and a recommended level of 105.
- Cultural charms now increase in power wearing August cultural armor.
- August Cultural armor pieces have had their Emblem slots replaced.
- Corrected an issue that prevented the Trophy of the Seafarer from granting its intended stats.
- Arx Mentis Hero's Forge Ornaments now drop from raid chests in Arx Mentis. Prices on most pieces from Researcher Orbiana have been reduced.

*** Tradeskills ***
- Blackwort is now flagged as a tradeskill item.
- Master's Preservation bonus now decays on spells over level 105.
- A text error in the book "Adventures in Woodworking" has been fixed.
- Boundless Reaching Symbols for jewelcraft are now properly scribed from the Boundless Jewelcraft Weapon Augments book.
- Additional clarifying text for the tradeskill "Test" trophy quests has been added.
- Mariner's Alacrity bonus now decays on spells over level 105.
- Energized Clay Goo Pot now improves the pottery trophy when crafted.
- The August Lorekeeper Sleeves recipe is now labeled as such instead of as "August Lorekeeper Robes."

*** Quests & Events ***
- Castle Relic - This Heroic Adventure is now more lenient about giving the key bit to players. Players outside the zone will now receive the key. Also, even if you do not have the key, if you are in the Heroic Adventure instance and have defeated Commander Degmar, the safe room will allow you entry. Note: As part of this change, this task will now lock when the Commander runs from players after their first engagement with him.
- Fixed a bug in Arx Mentis raids that could cause the chest to be removed when the event cleans up.
- They're Everywhere - Reduced the number of injured bixies you need to revive from 15 to 10.
- The Avalanche raid in Icefall Glacier can now be triggered by one person. On progression servers, Seeds of Destruction must be unlocked before it can be triggered solo.
- LDoN quest messages will no longer be sent to players after the Omens of War expansion is enabled on a server.

*** Spells ***
- Multiple Classes - Further lowered resist modifiers for all melee abilities from The Darkened Sea. They should land more reliably now.

*** NPC ***
- Made an adjustment to the way that NPC character models created prior to the Omens of War expansion are loaded and displayed. This change coincides with a number of graphical updates and fixes to these models.
- Reduced the agro and assist radii on most NPCs within Combine Dredge and the Combine Dredge Heroic Adventure. As part of this change, also marked the NPCs in the quarry as "indoor" so they will have further decreased agro and assist radii.
- Haunted Jack and Spooky Sally will no longer spawn in cities unless the Nights of the Dead event is active.
- Increased the HP on mercenaries of level 101 and above by 10 percent.

*** AA ***
- Wizard - Quick Damage will now work on Ethereal Fuse.
- Wizard - The description on Quick Damage now indicates the cast time bonus for ranks 4 and 5.
- Wizard - Ethereal Manipulation will now work on the latest ethereal spells: Ethereal Flash, Ethereal Rimeblast, and Ethereal Skyblaze.

*** Achievements ***
- Frostfell: Missing Gifts - Fixed the two incorrect references to Elba Straw. The achievement now references the appropriate NPCs: Cordys Leaflighter and Rellith Akkanar.
- Frostfell: Lost Toymakers - Changed the references of Dreadlands to the proper zone of The Great Divide.
- Frostfell: Gathering Jollies - Fixed the typo of "Knopwledge" to "Knowledge."
- New Years: Frostbeard - Fixed the issue with the tasks from M.C. Tinkerton not being flagged as completed, preventing this achievement from completing.
- Upon login, characters will receive achievement credit for the Frostfell tasks "Saving Santug" or "Searching for Clues" if these tasks were previously completed.
- Corrected an issue that prevented Halius Goldenthorn from selling the Statue of Silisia to players that had completed the achievement "Cavern Collectibles."

*** Miscellaneous ***
- NPC pathing in Bixie Warfront should be more reliable.
- The bag opening sound effects have had their volume reduced significantly.
- Sound effects for treading water, entering water, leaving water, and being underwater have been improved.
- If you give an item to your pet that it can't equip, the item will now be returned to you.
- Fixed a crash that could occur sometimes when going to character selection.
- Fixed an issue that was causing some sounds to ignore your sound volume settings in the Options window.

*** Previously Updated ***
- The Cost of Balance - When entering the instance, you will no longer appear under the world.
- All Rivers Lead to the Sea - You can no longer spawn multiple copies of Holmein by spam-hailing the Unseen, Unheard Helper.
- In Combine Dredge, moved Pria the Penitent and her placeholders down the ramp, away from Amlis the Torturer. This will make it safer for players trying to speak with Amlis. Additionally, NPCs on Pria's encounter will be less observant and not see as far.
- Kedge Counterblow - The rare NPC High Guard Vnayyanye or its placeholder, "a restive guard," will no longer spawn early in this Heroic Adventure.
- Argin-Hiz - Burn Out (Raid and Mission) - The Balance and Unbalance achievements are given out appropriately now.
- Changed the way success is granted in the Arx Mentis progression raids, hoping to prevent false wins.
- Fixed a bug in the final raid in Arx Mentis that would allow Firiona and Galeth to tank for the players. Now if no players engage, the event will reset if Calix can't find a player character to beat up.
- Entering Plane of Knowledge while on the last step of M.C. Tinkerton's tasks or with a reward from M.C. Tinkerton's tasks will update the achievement to complete that task.
- The NPCs related to M.C. Tinkerton's events will now spawn for the duration of the New Year's events.

- The EverQuest Team

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January 7, 2015 - Holiday Housing Contest Winners!

We've visited all of the Player Housing entries to our contest, and have chosen the 3 winners!  Please join us in congratulating the following winners (in no particular order):


If you are one of the winners, please contact Cazic.Rorcex in game to choose your prize!  Please be sure you contact me from the character that owns the property you entered, for verification.

Also, if you were a winner on the Holiday Slots your prizes have been shipped out!  Look for them to arrive soon!

We hope everyone enjoyed our Holiday Contests!  We would love to hear from you, both positive and (constructive) negative feedback is welcome!

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January 1, 2015 - GamParse Update

GamParse was released today by Beimeith.  This is the first major update in 5 years to this awesome EverQuest Parser.  If you weren't aware, GamboSoft is now hosted at http://gambosoft.eqresource.com , be sure to update your bookmarks!

You can find the download in the GamboSoft section, on the Downloads page.

You can find the Change Logs here.

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December 31, 2014 - Bonus EXP for 1st 4 days of January!

What better way is there to start 2015 than with bonus experience?

Starting at 12:01AM PST on Thursday, January 1, 2015 and running until 11:59PM PST on Sunday, January 4, 2015 adventurers will receive extra experience as a bonus to start the New Year.

Where will you travel in-game to take best advantage of this bonus experience?

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December 24, 2014 - Give the Gift of an EQResource Premium Membership!

Looking for an awesome, affordable, and easy gift for your EverQuest friends?  We've got you covered!  Spread some Holiday cheer by giving your friends the gift of an EQResource Premium Membership!

Your friend will be very appreciative as they enjoy the benefits of being a Premium Member, including browsing the site ad-free, and getting to play with our new toys and features before everyone else!

You can quickly and easily gift a Premium Membership at this page: http://eqresource.com/gift.php

If you are looking for more information on Premium Memberships, or the gifting process, please check this page: http://eqresource.com/subscriptionfaq.php

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December 19, 2014 - New Spells & Skills feature!

Did you know that EQResource has a Spells & Skills section?  Players can use this section to look up what Spells and Disciplines their Class gets, at what levels.  There is data for each and every Spell & Discipline which tells what the Spell does.  There is plenty of basic information about each Spell, and much technical information for the more advanced player!

New Feature

To expand on our Spells & Skills section, we've added a "eqstr_us Changes" and "dbstr_us Changes" feature.  You can find this feature on the menu in the Spells & Skills section.

The purpose of this feature is to track string changes and additions for each patch.  I'm sure many of you are wondering exactly what these are, so I'll try to explain a little bit.  Most of the text we see inside the game (help text when you type a command, AA descriptions, Spell descriptions, error messages, etc) is stored as strings inside the eqstr_us and dbstr_us files.  Whenever new features, commands, or other things are added to the game, these string files have to be updated to include the text strings needed for the new content.  Many times these strings are added well in advance to the new content actually being playable, or even announced.  So by monitoring changes and additions to the strings files, you can sometimes see what's coming to the game - before it's officially announced!

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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December 18, 2014 - 15 Days of Frostfell (2nd half)

We're halfway through the Fifteen Days of Holiday Cheer! Each day during this promotion kicks off something special for EverQuest players. There's bound to be something here that everyone can enjoy!

As mentioned in the previous article, this is the Year of EverQuest! To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of EverQuest, we're wrapping up the year with FIFTEEN days of holiday cheer. Check out what else is waiting for you in Norrath this holiday...

Friday, December 19 - Double Experience Weekend!

Who doesn't love bonus experience weekends? Starting at 10AM PST on Friday, December 19 and running until 2PM PST on Monday, December 22, 2014 get TWICE the experience you normally would as you adventure in Norrath!

Saturday, December 20 - General Services 25% Off!

Saturday only take up to 25% off everything in the Services/General Category. This includes:

    Potion of Amnesia
    Potion of Disgenderment
    Witness Protection Pack
    Character Transfer Token
    Transmogrification Scroll
    Potion of Companion's Amnesia
    Potion of Mercenary Amnesia
    Alternate Ability Cap Increase
    Spell Rank Cap Increase
    Base Inventory Slot Cap Increase
    Task Cap Increase
    Perfected Augmentation Distiller

Sunday, December 21 - Delivery Vouchers and Bayle Marks Up To 30% Off

If you're looking to stock up on either Delivery Vouchers or Bayle Marks, Sunday is the best day to do it! Take up to 30% off these items. Save more by picking these up in bundles.

Monday, December 22 - Mercenary Slots and Character Slots 25% Off

Have you been waiting to pick up extra slots for mercenaries or new characters? Well, then you're in luck because this Monday these services are 25% off!

Tuesday, December 23 - XP Potions on Sale Up to 25% Off

Stock up on a variety of XP potions this Tuesday! Take 25% off Bottle of Adventure and Bottle of Shared Adventure I & II.

What zones will you adventure in while taking advantage of the benefits of these potions?

Wednesday, December 24 - Paintings Up to 50% Off

Are the walls in your home looking a little bare? If so, check out the paintings that the Marketplace offers, and pick some up for up to 50% off this day only!

Thursday, December 25 - Up to 50% Off Marketplace Items With Dragon In Their Name

Take a dragon-sized discount (up to 50%!) on the following items with dragon in their name, found in the Marketplace!

    Dragon Sword Ornament
    Dragonscale Skystrider
    Komodo Dragon Saddle
    Death Dragon Shield Ornament
    Pot of Dragon Gold
    Dragonfly Saddle
    Shield of Dragon Gaze Ornament

Friday, December 26 - Legends of Norrath Packs

Save big when you purchase Legend of Norrath packs for ONLY 99SC from Friday until Sunday, December 28 at 11:59PM PST. Also save up to 40% on Tournament Packs and Booster Boxes.

During these Fifteen Days of Holiday Cheer, there's something for everyone! As we wrap up 2014 and the Year of EverQuest, what were your highlights from the year?

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December 17, 2014 - TDS Finale Group Mission

The Group Mission Confronting Calix is live now, this is a downgrade of the final raid for groupers to see the end of expansion lore!

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